Kitchen Backsplash Inspiration

Looking to update your kitchen? A full kitchen remodel is not always in the budget. Our favourite budget-friendly remodel? Upgrading or retiling your kitchen backsplash!

A new tile backsplash is an easy and fun way to freshen up an existing space and transform it into something beautiful, without breaking the bank!

Take a look at these gorgeous kitchen backsplashes and start dreaming up your new space.

Counter to Ceiling 

Make an impact and open up the room by running your tile from the counter to the ceiling, creating a gorgeous sky-high tile moment. This can be done in one section as an accent, across many walls, or on just one depending on what your space and budget allow for.

Counter to Ceiling Backsplash

Counter to ceiling backsplash is also a great opportunity to decorate while showing off your new tile. By removing some cabinetry and installing a section of floating shelves, you can display your favourite dishware, cookbooks, plants, and decor. 

Ceiling to Counter Tile

Playful Penny Tile

The glossy finish paired with the tiny, repetitive design adds some texture to your walls. Keep it simple with a single monotone colour or add in a pattern or pop of colour for a more playful look. 

Penny Tile Kitchen Backsplash


Monochromatic Chevron Tile

Is your kitchen already crisp, clean, and white? Play with pattern instead of colour! A white chevron patterned tile will add character while maintaining the harmony of your kitchen.

White Chevron Backsplash

Get Artsy with Moorish Tile

Turn your backsplash into a work of art with Moorish tile. Bright colours plus an interesting design will transform your kitchen walls into art. 


Marble Tile over Marble Slab

Do you love the look of marble but don't love the cost of a marble slab? Marble tiles can create the same gorgeous look for your kitchen while avoiding the high price tag.

Marble Backsplash

Mirrored Tiles

Mirrored tiles maximize light, AKA the perfect trick if you do not have any windows or natural light in your kitchen. The key to not overdoing it and turning your kitchen into a disco ball? Keeping the mirrored tiles to a smaller space.

Mirrored Tile Backsplash

Checkered Tile

Bring a retro feel into your kitchen with a black and white checkered print backsplash. Perfect for a white kitchen looking go bold!

Retro Checkered BacksplashSimple & Bright or Dark & Moody Subway Tiles

Subway tiles are a kitchen classic. Take a twist on the favourite by opting for a bright or vibrant hue or do the opposite and go dark and moody. Here are some of our favouirte subway tile backsplashes. 

Simple and Bright:

Bright Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Dark and Moody:

Dark Kitchen Subway Tile Backsplash

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