Top Tiling Trends for 2021

2021 is set to be a huge year for home renovations. After spending majority of 2020 stuck inside at home, so many of us have honed in on the home renovations we are looking to make happen this year. 

Starting to feel tired in your space? Or prepping for your year of tile installation jobs ahead?

New tiles are an excellent way to revamp an interior without diving into a full out remodel. Whether you are looking to redo a bathroom, kitchen, or entryway flooring in 2021 -- we have rounded up the most talked about styles for the new year. 

Natural Wood-Look Tile

This is a trend we've started to see grow more and more in 2020. Wood-like porcelain tile creates the cozy appearance of hardwood, while remaining durable and waterproof. AKA: the best of both worlds!

Kitchen Wood Tile

Wood has (understandably) always been a no-go for use in bathrooms and difficult to use in the kitchen, as it is not as strong or resistant against dirt and moisture in the same way that tiles are. Fortunately, the more durable porcelain tile has now been made available in natural-looking hardwood finishes from oak, cherry, maple and so many more.

Wood Tile bathroom



Terrazzo Tiles

While this style has been around for quite some time, it has remained a favourite because of it's affordability over marble or granite tiles.

Terrazzo Kitchen + Bathroom Tile

The best part about terrazzo? The unlimited options when it comes to colour and materials. Pieces of the terrazzo can be anything from marble to quartz or glass and metals.

The depth and texture created through this mix of fragments creates a unique look, coupled with a modern smooth finish that everyone loves. Terrazzo tiles can be used to add a playful pop of colour into a room or create depth on an otherwise flat wall or floor. 

One of our favourite ways to see Terrazzo? Combined with a more neutral tile.

Terrazzo Tile

Metal Tiles

While this might seem ultra-futuristic to some, done right, this can be the modern finish your bathroom or kitchen has been waiting for. 

Metallic Tile Backsplash

Metals have always been an interior designer's best friend, with materials like brass, copper and silver, who can blame them. These shiny and reflective metallics add a touch of extravagance that, when used correctly, can make a standout moment.

Metallic Tile Backsplash


Geometric Tiles + Hexagon Tiles

Looking to bring some new life to the existing hexagon trend? Avoid the repetitive feel of a geometric tile, and combine multiple styles to create a pattern that is completely your own.

Hexagon Bathroom Tile

Think metallics mixed with a simple white, wood tile paired with hexagon marble, or mix in a bright pop of colour or textured tile. 

Hexagon Mixed Tile


Ready to get started on your new projects? Shop the complete line-up of tools you need to make it perfect. 

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