Perfect Level Master

Starter Kit

Grout Joint Size

$75.00 CAD

Lippage Free Tiles, Every Time.

For professionals and weekend warriors alike, pride in your finished work is of the utmost importance when you look back at a completed job.

And having a helping hand to make you job easier can make all of the diffference in the world.

Our unique T-Lock Tile Leveling System ensures that your tile installation will be even from tile to tile (each tile is leveled by all tiles around it).

It also prevents tiles from warping as your thin-set cures and lays tiles straight and even on both floors and walls.

Perfect Level master

It is simply impossible, when using our system, to have uneven tiles!

Here’s How It Works:

Step 01:

Set the clip underneath tiles to be leveled


Here’s How It Works:

Step 02:

Insert our specially designed wedge to force tiles into an even surface


Here’s How It Works:

Step 03:

Squeeze the wedge in for a perfectly level tile installation


Here’s How It Works:

Step 04:

Break the clips away after the tiles are set and completely dry.


Perfect level master step 1
Perfect level master step 2
Perfect level master step 3
Perfect level master step 4
Wedge Lifetime Warranty

Wedge Lifetime Warranty

When you’re done, collect all of your wedges and they’ll be ready for your next big project.

Not only are our wedges specially designed to smoothly move along the surface of the tiles, without moving the tiles - and to lock into place for good…

They are designed to do it for as many projects as you can handle.

If any of your wedges ever break, just let us know and we will ship you new ones as soon as humanly possible.

bonus tips
bonus tips

Bonus Tip

The tips of each of our wedges can actually be used as spacers in a pinch!

Whether you need 1mm, 2mm (1/16”), 3mm (1/8”), or 5mm (3/16”) we’ve got you covered!

Clips: Upgraded

Our clips come in 3 grout joint sizes - 1mm (1/32”), 2mm (1/16”), and 3mm (1/8”) - and have been designed from the ground up to do two things:

  • Hold the tiles tightly together until dry
  • Break away easily at the base when hit from the side.

You won’t have to worry about clips that are hard to break away, or worse, break at the wrong spot above the tile level adding even more work to your project chiseling between tiles.

What are you waiting for?

Make sure your next tile project is lippage free.

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