Fibre-Reinforced Polyamide Pliers

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Perfect Level Master Fibre-Reinforced Polyamide Pliers are made to speed up tile installation on larger projects. Lightweight, durable, and backed by our Lifetime Warranty providing dependability on all your tiling projects.


  • Reinforced with fiberglass
  • Fully adjustable with locking handle
  • Constructed to provide high precision and maximum comfort
  • Lifetime Warranty

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Cody Welsh

Fibre-Reinforced Polyamide Pliers

I like it.

Well see how long they last with it being all plastic!

sean maiato

Fibre-Reinforced Polyamide Pliers

Mike N
Level master

Good products. I hate having to pay $$$ so much shipping might have to switch to a product that ships for free

Christian Ortega

The best on the market 👌🏽

Take the stress out of levelling now!

T-Lock™ Tile Leveling System ensures you can be relaxed with your tile installation knowing everything will be completely levelled.

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This may be because the breaking off of the clips is not done parallel to the grout line. One should always strike the sides of the clips with a rubber mallet or safety shoes parallel to the grout line. Another possibility is the the tile work was left to dry with excess adhesive on the tile edges. This can be avoided by cleaning the edges with a putty knife when the adhesive is still fresh.

No, you can always use a smaller grout size clip and use our Tile Crosses to make up the difference. By using this trick you can reuse more of your material and it offers the installer greater flexibility.

Yes, the T-Lock system can be applied to any surface.

It is important to pay attention to the direction that one is placing the wedges. For best results, insert the red wedge towards the already installed tiles.

100% - Perfect Level Master is great for Indoor & Outdoor Usage.