Reusable Rubber Bucket

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Small - 12L
Medium - 16L
Large - 20L
Set of 3
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The job is finished and you have made just too much thin set. No problem with this reusable rubber bucket. Made from a flexible and durable plastic & rubber blend, simply clean the edges allowing for thin set to cure overnight. Give a few love taps with a rubber mallet and she is good as new, ready for the next bag! 


20L - Great for mixing full bags of thin set

16L - Ideal for Grout

12L - A must have water bucket


  • Made of high-quality polyethylene, flexible and durable, with metal carrying handle
  • Wide top for easy mixing of thin set, mortar or concrete. 
  • Flat bottom and sides allow for easy mixing and cleaning
  • Ideal for mixing and measuring, calibrated with markings to show water level 


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Mike N
good buckets.

Great bucket.
perfect level master has to do something about shipping fee's.

Michael Covell

Reusable Rubber Bucket


Broke on the 2nd day from mixing drill and bucket handle is in the worst placement

Brandon Ferguson
False advertising

The buckets will work. But when advertised as rubber… Matheus should be rubber and ply able. These are vinyl thin buckets. I will end up using them up but will not replace.

Domenico Venturo

Great service as always!!

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No, you can always use a smaller grout size clip and use our Tile Crosses to make up the difference. By using this trick you can reuse more of your material and it offers the installer greater flexibility.

Yes, the T-Lock system can be applied to any surface.

It is important to pay attention to the direction that one is placing the wedges. For best results, insert the red wedge towards the already installed tiles.

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