Entryway Tiling

Entryway Tile

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The entryway is, without a doubt, the most high-traffic area in any home. It greets your guests, welcomes you home, and takes the abuse from all the elements you track in on your feet.

The very best entryway floor can stand up to the elements, is easy to clean, and above all else: make an impact as the first thing anyone sees when they enter your home.

We've rounded up our favourite entryway tile designs that can be pulled off with any tile material including porcelain, ceramic, and slate.

An Entryway Tile Rug

Looking to add a statement to your entrance without disrupting the flow of your existing flooring? An entryway tile rug can help you do just that. We love a pop of colour, a fresh pattern, or some textured tile installed to replicate the look of a rug.

Tile Floor Rug


Large Format Tile

No matter what space you install large format tiles, they help to open up and make a room feel larger. The plus side to installing large format tiles in your entryway? There's less grout to clean than in traditional sized tile flooring. 

Large Format Entryway Tiles

Beach Pebble Floor

Make your home feel like a beach house with these gorgeous pebble tiles, they are sold on a mesh backing for quick installation and blend beautifully with a variety of different flooring. 

Beach Pebble Entryway Tile

Natural Slate Tile

Slate is a durable and natural stone that creates a gorgeous and unique entryway. Change up your average slate-tile look by using a variety of shapes to create a natural flowing pattern.

Natural Slate Entryway Tile


The Herringbone pattern is popping up more and more, and while it may be overwhelming to see across your entire home, incorporating this pattern in your front entryway is an easy way to make your space more dynamic.  

Herringbone Entryway Tile


Wood Look Tile

The technology used to make wood-look tiles continues to get better and better. You can now find tiles with distinct grains, colours, shapes, and even knots.

The reason to love this style of tile? The rustic look of wood can be carried throughout the entire floor of your home without the worry of damage at your front door or in your kitchen because of the long-lasting durability that tiles provide. 

Wood-look Entryway Tile


Ready to make your tile dreams come true? Get the tools you need to make it perfect. 

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