Bathroom Tile Inspiration

Looking to renovate or upgrade your bathroom? It all starts with the tile.

The first step is finding your inspiration then deciding what changes you want and need to make in your space. Once you've chosen your dream design, you can begin to select your tiles. Think about what colour, shape, and print or design you would like. 

Whether it is a small or a large bathroom remodel, look no further to find the perfect inspiration and tile you've been waiting for.


Floor-to-Ceiling Tiles Partnered with a Transitional Shower 

Make your bathroom the luxury-escape that it should be with a seamless transitional shower. Floor-to-ceiling glass panels allow you to separate the space while foregoing the standard shower door and keeping your bathroom open concept. 

Another great way to keep your bathroom open and feeling larger than just four walls? Utilizing Large Format tile is our favourite way to open up a space.

Bathroom Tile Inspiration 

Patterned Flooring 

Upgrade your existing bathroom or shower floor with this simple change. A patterned floor can instantly elevate your space and bring in some character to a regular-old bathroom.

Bathroom Floor Pattern

Bathroom Floor Pattern

Fully outfitted Shower 

Small but thoughtful elements make this walk-in shower stand out. The interior of this shower has both the handheld and waterfall shower heads, providing the ultimate shower experience for any guest.

An added bonus? The built-in shower shelf is a discrete and organized way to store all your favourite shower products while not disturbing the overall design of the shower. 

Shower Ledge  


Eye-Catching Shower Stall

Create a show-stopping moment in your bathroom. Make an easy statement with a floor to ceiling shower stall in a bold, new colour that stands out against the rest of your bathroom walls.

Eye catching Shower Stall 

Simple Tile in a Structured Space

One cohesive tile design carried up from the floor to the ceiling makes the bathroom feel like your own private spa. Our favourite added touch? The shower. From the stone tiled flooring to the bench and in-wall shelving, this shower feels like a vacation. 

Floor to ceiling tiles

Additional Lighting

Draw attention to your favourite bathroom features with additional lighting. The lighting installed underneath this bathroom counter highlights the stunning large format marble tiles. In an all white space, additional lighting helps to showcase and bring out the small details such as the grey marbled lines. 

Cabinet Lighting

Cabinet Lighting

Wood Look Tile

Get the benefit of tile with the good looks of hardwood. How so? Wood-like tile creates the cozy appearance of hardwood in your bathroom while remaining waterproof. AKA: the best of both worlds.

An added bonus? It's also great for pet owners. Hardwood can be very durable in many ways, but tile stands up to scratches from the paws of your fury friends better than wood.

Floor Tile Bathroom

Accent Tile Wall

Retiling your bathroom shower? Consider making an entire tiled accent wall in your space.

The continuity of this tile from the shower to behind the bath showcases the bathing section of this bathroom without any large, clear divisions, leaving the space feeling larger and open concept.

Bathroom Tiled Accent Wall

Bathroom Tiled Accent Wall

Mix and Matched Tile

Combining different types and patterns of tile on shower walls and floors helps to create a distinguished look for your bathroom.

This bathroom became a masterpiece with light chevroned floor tiles mixed with a contrasting vertical and horizontal darker tile off-set on the walls. 

Acccent Wall

Full-on Marble

If you have the budget, a full on marble bathroom might just be the way to go. With marble on the walls, ceilings, and floors, this is the standout bathroom you have truly never seen before. 

Floor to Ceiling Marble


Feeling Inspired? Let's start your stress-free installation today. Get the right tools to ensure your new bathroom tile install goes to plan.

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