Heated Bathroom Floors

Starting to plan an install for a client's perfect bathroom or how about dreaming up your own home bathroom renovation? One thing is almost always bound to come up in conversation: Heated Bathroom Floors and are they worth it?

While there is no doubt that a heated bathroom floor was previously a luxury and not a necessity, the cost for heated bathroom flooring has become significantly more affordable in the last few years.

When investing in transforming your bathroom into a spa-like experience, this is one upgrade that can make a world of a difference... especially on a cold winter morning.

So, how do heated bathroom floors work?

Heated bathroom floors are created by a source of radiant heat installed below your tiles. This can be created by using either electric or hydronic heating. Our preference? The Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT electric floor cables. These cables integrate customizable, comfortable electric floor warming with the functions associated with DITRA: uncoupling, waterproofing, vapor management, and support to ensure a long-lasting installation - which are all must-haves for our tile installs.

So how do you control your heated floors? To adjust your settings, heated bathroom floors come with adjustable thermostats allowing you to set the temperature to your liking, oftentimes from your mobile device. 

The Best Part? Easy Install.

If you're looking to install heated tile floors yourself, the Schluter electric floor cables paired with the Perfect Level Master system are your sure-fire way to get it done perfect.

The new Perfect Level Master Grout Float was designed with this project in mind, it is the perfect tool for skimming heated cables for next day installs.

How It's Done

Take a look at how our friend Mack from Burrows Tile & Trim Inc. seamlessly installs the Schluter system.

Heated Tile Floor Install


Heated Tile Floor Install


Heated Tile Floor Install

Heated Tile Floor Install

Heated Tile Floor Install

Explore the complete tiling job on the Perfect Level Master Instagram or watch the step-by-step install with Mack Burrows on our YouTube:

Ready to get to work? Shop the Perfect Level Master Tools & T-Lock system to make this install go to plan. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Lets get you some answers.

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Yes, the T-Lock system can be applied to any surface.
We created an Estimation tool to help determine your exact needs.

Check out the Estimator
No, you can always use a smaller grout size clip and use our Tile Crosses to make up the difference. By using this trick you can reuse more of your material and it offers the installer greater flexibility.
This may be because the breaking off of the clips is not done parallel to the grout line. One should always strike the sides of the clips with a rubber mallet or safety shoes parallel to the grout line. Another possibility is the the tile work was left to dry with excess adhesive on the tile edges. This can be avoided by cleaning the edges with a putty knife when the adhesive is still fresh.
It is important to pay attention to the direction that one is placing the wedges. For best results, insert the red wedge towards the already installed tiles.
100% - Perfect Level Master is great for Indoor & Outdoor Usage.
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