How to Prep & Tile Shower Walls

How to Prep & Tile Shower Walls

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Whether you are a tiling pro or just getting started, tile expert, Scotty Chow, shares all the insider tips & tricks you need in order to both prep and install tile showers.

Save this step-by-step video before you start your next job: 

1.  Sock Tiles for the Longevity of your Install

It is a proven best-practice in the industry to soak your tiles. Why? This steps helps them to properly adhere to your profile during the curing process.

Soak Tiles for Installation of Tiles

 2. Plan & Prep your Layout

Not to be skipped: mapping out and planning your entire layout. This makes mistakes less frequent, and installs more seamless! 

Map out your tile install

2. Always check your centre point for guidance.

Scotty uses the back of the shower wall as his centre point on this install. 

Shower Tile Install Guide

3. Navigate Tight Spaces like a Pro: the 8" Trowel 

Navigate tight spaces, like shower wall corners, with ease! Utilize the 8" trowel with the unique design to access tight spaces and small profile tiles. 

Shower Tile Install Guide - Trowel Perfect Level Master

4. Tile Crosses for Level Tile

Elevating the tile game with Perfect Level Master's crosses!  The crosses are our expert's secret behind flawless installs especially on small profile tiles and backsplash projects

Tile Crosses

Find all the tools used for the perfect Shower Installation here. And watch Scotty Chow's complete install now

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