How to Use Tile Crosses/Spacers

How to Use Tile Crosses/Spacers

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Perfect Level Masters reusable crosses are designed for easy use in any tile pattern installation. Find out what they are and why you might need them!

What are Tile Spacers or Crosses?

Tile spacers or crosses are small, usually plastic, devices used in tiling to maintain consistent gaps between tiles. These gaps, known as grout lines, ensure that the tiles are evenly spaced, which helps to achieve a professional and above all, the aesthetically pleasing finish we're all after.

Tile spacers come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different tile sizes and desired grout line widths. The Perfect Level Master Crosses  have two sides, one in a "T" pattern which is used for Brick and Herringbone patterns, and the other the traditional "X" which is used for stacked layouts. They come in the following sizes: 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm. 

See them in action:


Why they work so well: 

Creating Consistency:

Crosses are our must-have tool when creating a consistent install patten. They ensure uniform spacing between tiles, which is crucial for a neat finish.

For in-depth and intricate tiling jobs, tile spacers are your new best friend. 


Creating a consistent distance and space between tiles keeps the install from going sideways, literallyTile crosses provide a straight and even alignment helping you avoid any gaps and crooked lines.

Simplify the Install:

Crosses are super easy to use and overall simplifies the process of tile installation, making it easier even for DIY enthusiasts to achieve professional results. 

Remove the guesswork with crosses assisting you along the way to ensure your grout is even. While the process is usually simple: use the spacers and lay the tile. Sometimes tile - specifically handmade tile - requires more attention in order to ensure everything remains straight. Crosses are here to help you ensure your install goes perfect with every install.

Protect your Tiles:

Crosses protect your tiles with the correct amount of grout for your job. Ensuring your tiles are equal distance apart means they are also the correct distance apart. If laid too close together, expansion and contraction can lead to grout joints cracking if laid too tight due to not enough material (grout) being within the joint.

100% Reusable:

The Perfect Level Master crosses, just like our wedges, are 100% reusable. Collect them at the end of your project and save them for the next! 



  • Universal and reusable
  • Helps maintain consistent grout lines 1mm, 2mm or 3mm (1/32", 1/16" or 1/8")
  • Protects tile corners
  • Easy to use
  • The unique design gives the ability to lay in a brick pattern or straight stacked.

Shop the Crosses now. 

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