The Perfect Tiles to Help Keep you Cool all Summer Long

The Perfect Tiles to Help Keep you Cool all Summer Long

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The dog days of Summer are here. The sun, the fun, the heat - and let's face it homeowners: the high air conditioning bills too. Our fix to staying cool over these hot summer months? We start from the bottom: with naturally cooling tiles. 

Before we make our recommendations, here is the why behind it all. While some surfaces are slow at conducting heat, like carpet for example, certain tiles have a higher conductivity which quickly transfers heat from your body into the tile and in turn, feels cooler.


 Marble Tile

Marble Tile

With a marble colour and design to fit any home, we haven't met a space that wouldn't benefit from a marble finish. Not only is marble resistant to so many elements including moisture, stains, and dirt, it is also the perfect natural stone to help fool your feet down upon contact. 

The polished finish means marble is a great option for low-traffic and indoor spaces. premium price tag, does come with a premium finish helping you to achieve a polished look in any space you are also looking to cool down. 

Porcelain Tile 

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain is durable material making it easy to create the appearance of some of your favourite natural materials from hardwood to ceramic tiles yet come with the bonus of withstanding moisture more than its more natural counterparts. 

Porcelain tiles remain among our top picks for a variety of spaces from your bathroom showers and tubs, to your entryways, and even surrounding outdoor pools. 

Slate Tiles 

Slate Tiles

Our preferred style choice: Large Format. These sleek tile are a natural stone that are not only cool to the touch, but are bold enough to make any space modern. 

Bonus: their durability mean they are made to last both indoors and outdoors. 

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